1000 Litre Aquaponics Units / Self Sustaining Organic Garden – Grow your own ORGANIC FOOD & FRESH FISH!!
1000 Litre Aquaponics Units

Aquaponics Units & Accessories / Self Sustaining Organic Garden & Fish Farm

Aquaponics is an Organic growing method combining:
  • Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and
  • Aquaculture / Aqua farming (Produce fish in a controlled environment)
Water from your fish tank (rich in minerals and trace elements – caused by the fish doing their “business”) is transferred to your veggie / plants grow bed/s.  Here your plants feeds of all the valuable minerals needed to grow at an exceptional rate, at the same time cleaning & enriching the water with oxygen that flows back into your fish tank – Creating a complete sustainable Eco system where your plants & fish live happy & grow fast!


Our Aquaponic System
Our System is a 15/45 Auto Timer Flood & Drain system.  Trials done between conventional Auto Siphon and 15/45 Timer Flood & Drain shows the 15/45 has better plant growth, less power usage & less draining issues.


Our system is a complete, ready to work system
Just set up, add grow medium / gravel, water, plants & fish and you are ready to enjoy your own organic veggies & fresh fish any time from your OWN Back Yard!!


  • Much Cheaper than buying organic food – system will pay it’s self off in 6 months
  • Totally 100% Organic chemical free – most organic way of growing
  • The water tank & grow bed are made from a recycled FOOD GRADE Flowbin / IBC
  • Uses 90% less water & produce grows 5 times faster than conventional gardening
  • System takes up little space – only 1m x 1.2m.  Can be placed in garden /on patio
  • Extremely little time required – System is hassle free and low maintenance

Products (Priced from)

Complete Aquaponic system: 800lt Fish tank, 200lt grow bed (1.2m x 1m), water pump, oxygen pump, auto timer, all piping & fittings.
25 Litre add on Swirl Filter (for taking out the fish waste solids)
1000 Litre Prepped Fish Tank (Recycled Food Grade IBC)
800 Litre Prepped Fish Tank (Recycled Food Grade IBC)
200 Litre Prepped Grow Bed (Recycled Food Grade IBC)
Water Pumps, Oxygen pumps, Drain Pipe Sets, Timer Siphon Sets, Bell Siphons & All other Piping / Fittings

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