Honey Sucker

1000 Litre Mobile Honey Sucker

1000 Litre Mobile 4 in 1 Sewerage / Waste Water Bakkie Unit / Honey Sucker Skid

Basic Functions

  • Fill 1000 Litre tank from septic tank
  • Transport  Sewerage / Waste water
  • Store Sewerage / Waste water


  • Huge Money Saver beating ever increasing waste removal costs
  • Fits between wheel arches of ALL bakkies (only 1m wide)
  • Forklift Friendly (Tank on Galvanized steel pallet)
  • Transport / Distribute septic water / waste safely
  • ALL spares available & Customise to your specific needs
  • Quick release (cam lock) on suction pipe
  • Quick release (cam lock) on outlet pipe

Optional Extras

  • Trailer
  • Extended Suction Pipe
  • Extended Outlet Pipe
  • Different brand motor (eg. Honda / briggs & stratton)

Basic Unit Comparison

Basic Unit Description
R15 700.00
Size (LxWxH) :
2.08m x 1m x 1.2m
Water tank type:
1000 Litre Plastic IBC/Flowbin
Suction Pipe: 6-8 meter, 63mm  Heliflex with Suction filter
Outlet pipe: 10m , 63mm Runflat
 CRI, 4 stroke, Petrol
Suction height: 8  Meters