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All Trailer Units

Trailer & Bowser / 1000 Litre Multi Purpose Water, Diesel, Waste Water, Fire Fighter unit

Professional Workmanship & Quality Building, separates our Trailers from the rest. Durability is Key, which means we offer a 2 Year Warranty on the Structure of ALL our Trailers
Products Prices
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Trailer Only (With registration papers)(Unbraked): R14 499.00
Trailer Only (With registration papers)(Braked): R19 999.00
600 Lt Diesel Bowser 12V R19 990,00
1000 Lt Diesel Bowser 12V R21 089,00
1000 Lt Water Bowser 2,5 Bar R21 989,00
1000 Lt Water Bowser 7,5 Bar R24 589,00
1000 Lt Pressure Washer 178 Bar R25 789,00
1000 Lt Honey Sucker R29 590,00
Bike Trailers – Custom Build: On Req.
Utility Trailers – Custom Build: On Req.

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