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We are committed to our customer's success from start to finish.

Flowbins is committed to providing the highest quality products, service and support for our clients that meets customer expectations. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is central to our business philosophy and this is reflected through our actions, relationships, processes and operations.


We Are a Team Of Professional

Our team draws on broad industry experience and the most powerful outcomes for our clients


Director Purchasing


Director Sales


Director HR/Admin


Director Accounts


General Manager


Marketing Manager

Jean-Mari has only recently joined Flowbins, this year infact, she has however proven to be a quick learner and is a great support system to the marketing team.


Marketing Assistant

Technical sales and custom builds are what makes JP tick. He joined Flowbins in 2019 and in no time found his niche in advising and building custom units that will suite your needs.


Technical Sales

Although Madeleine is PA to Flowbins Sales Director, this is not where her function stops. She is very knowledgeable and assists mostly the sales department, She joined in 2018 and has since become an invaluable addition to the team.


PA / Assistant Sales

Still new to Flowbins, Louize comes with a wealth of experience in front line reception. She has a passion for ensuring customer satisfaction. She assists with sales as well as in the marketing team and is always prepared to go the extra mile.


Reception / Assistant Sales

All units will pass through Flips hands, Flip joined the company in 2019 and is in charge of quality and logistics. With his quiet but perfectionist nature, he ensures that the quality of every product is top notch.


Quality & Logistics

Carlos joined the company in 2013 as a young inexperienced worker. With his hard-working attitude and inquisitive spirit, he has worked up the ranks to a production manager. He leads the production team with knowledge, strength and humour. You will most likely experience his infectious laugh when you visit our factory.


Production & Floor Manager

Leon has been with the company since 2018. He ensures a high level of quality builds in the shortest time frame. Leon always has a smile on his face.


Production & Assembly

Lawrance joined our company in 2018 and shares an equal passion for building high quality units in the best possible time. His friendly and humoristic nature always ensures a great working environment


Production & Assembly

Clements is the youngster in production and assembly, he joined the company in 2019. He has an eagerness to learn and considering the performance of his mentors he strives to deliver on the same level, very successfully.


Assistant Production & Assembly

Looking for a fitting, adaptor or any connection then Ruan has the answer for you or even some great advice. Ruan joined the company in 2019 and run the storeroom with great efficiency making sure production always keeps producing.



Lazarus is our spray booth and washbay guru, he ensures all bins are cleaned properly before production starts. He joined Flowbins in 2019 and has taken complete ownership of his functions.


Wash Bay & Spray Booth

When visiting our factory you will notice the cleanliness inside a very old building, Lucas is our go to guy who completes this very challenging task. He too joined Flowbins in 2018 and completes his functions with great pride.


General Cleaner


100% Approved by Customers

Here at Flowbins we encourage our customers to rate our services and share their true opinion.

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