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1000lt liquid storage container with galvanised steel cage that can be used in many different applications from fire fighters to water bowsers to honey suckers to diesel bowsers to paraffin bowsers. In fact, anything that can do with pumping, sucking, mixing or storage of liquids.

If your idea has to do with a flowbin, we will make it a reality. Ensuring a top-quality workable solution for you at the best possible price.

You can store flammable liquid in an anti-static 6-layer galvanized plated bin, not a standard bin

SABS requirement for a braked trailer is more than 750kg GVM. A full 1000lt flowbin on a trailer will exceed this specification therefore a braked trailer would be required.

The prosses is the same.  However, the connections, piping and fittings can change depending on your requirement.

Yes, Flowbins are modular, which means you can store from a 1000lt to whatever your requirement is. They can also be inter linked with our custom piping solutions. Empty they can be stacked as high as a warehouse would allow, and full a hight of 2 only.

Absolutely, we support our products fully. All our products come with a 12 month walk in factory warranty.

Our diesel bowsers are not built for this purpose. As there are restrictions in the law regarding storage ad transport of petrol.

You can use paraffin in our diesel bowsers without any risk of damage.

It will be able to suck water dis-solvable solids but is limited to the size of solids. The solids will also need to contain a fair amount of moisture to ensure the honey sucker operates optimally

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