F135 Flowbins

Flowbin Once used Rinsed out | Food Grade (Markdown)

Once used Food Grade markdown: Tanks might be slightly stained or frame might have dents in it. Tanks, had cooldrink syrup / other food products in – Cleaned only with water – mostly used for fish breeding / animal feeding trays / Aquaponic systems, etc.

* Please note markdown drums are only available for purchase at the factory premisis by customer selection

Uses / Advantages:
* Transport: Water / chemicals / diesel / soap / other liquids
* Storage: Water / chemicals / diesel / soap / other liquids

Optional Extra:
* 50mm FLowbin thread to normal thread adaptor – if you need to connect up closed circuit pipework
* Gravity feed stands
* Spillage trays
* De-canting tap sets
* Pipe work and fittings
* Pumps – Electrical / Petrol / Diesel driven


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