NCSX340 Flowbins

NEW 1000Lt Flowbin + Flammable Chemical grade -Anti Static

New 1000Lt Flowbin Flammable Chemical grade Anti Static – Maxumium 98% on certain flammable chemicals – INSIDE GALVINIZED PLATED JACKET

Size (cm): 120L x 100W x 116H
Weight: 75kg

* 1000Lt square plastic container (HDPE plastic)
* Inside Galvanized steel cage and galvanized steel jacket right arount – anti static
* On Galvanized steel pallet
* 160mm Lid on top (filling lid)
* 50mm Outlet tap at the bottom with seal + endcap + spout
* Large galvanized info plate

Approved for certain flammable chemicals eg. Alcohol / ethanol maximum 98%. (Confirmation depending on the TDF or MSDS you prodive us)

Flammable Chemical Grade HDPE plastic container inside galvanized steel plated Jacket on galvanized steel pallet with conductive tap and earth wire (sealed + endcap + spout + large name/info plate)

Uses / Advantages:

* Transport: Water / chemicals / diesel / soap / other liquids
* Storage: Water / chemicals / diesel / soap / other liquids

Optional Extra:
* 50mm FLowbin thread to normal thread adaptor – if you need to connect up closed circuit pipework
* Gravity feed stands
* Spillage trays
* De-canting tap sets
* Pipe work and fittings
* Pumps – Electrical / Petrol / Diesel driven


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