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We BUY / RECYCLE Flow Bin Tanks

We Buy / Recycle 1000 Litre Flowbin Tanks ( 1000l IBC Container Drum / 1000lt Liter Industrial Water Tank / Chemical Tank / 1000 l Commercial Drums ):

Weekly / 2 Weekly / Monthly Collections. We cater for all businesses big / small.

We operate in all of Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga & Surrounding areas

State if above product is chemical or food grade product:
ChemicalFood Grade
Is the product that was in it in any sense classified as hazardous (easy way to find out will you be allowed to empty the product inside into a normal municipal drain):
HazardousNon Hazardous
Are the drums - Once used & product emptied out OR Normal Used Condition (thus filled & emptied more than once):

What condition is the drum in:
Can you DELIVER to our premisis in Gezina, Pretoria OR must we COLLECT from your site:

Are you getting them on a regular basis, thus indication of approx. weekly / monthy / bi-monthly qty:
Quantity you receive on a Regular Basis

What is the estimated price that you want for these drums each per drum:

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